Please nominate your Young Managers to the Asian Management Game 2018


July 6, 2018


Circular No. 060 – 2018


Subject:    Asian Management Game 2018



Dear MAP Member,


As announced earlier, you have until July 13 (Friday) to nominate your young managers to the Asian Management Game (AMG) which is one of the annual activities of the Asian Association of Management Organizations or AAMO ( – – – of which the MAP is a member.   The AMG aims to connect the different national management organizations in the Asian Pacific region. It has successfully served as a platform for young managers in the region to learn and exchange from one another.


The Macau Management Association (MMA) is currently organizing the AMG which will be played on internet, in both English and Chinese languages.


The MAP and other AAMO members will nominate up to 2 teams each consisting of 3 to 5 young managers. The registered teams will be allocated into groups by draw. Each team will, in each round, be assigned a company for managing its operations and making strategic decisions for a period of five financial quarters. The team that has achieved the highest share price shall be the winner.


The AMG comprises of trial, semi-final and final rounds. Each team is required to download from the AMG website the background information of the assigned company, which records its past performances and its present position. Decisions surrounding marketing, finance, production and human resources are entered online according to the Game Calendar schedule. At the end of each financial quarter, each team will receive a management report from the Game Administrator detailing the latest economic environment and the company’s performance reflecting the team’s decisions.


This year, the AMG will be held from June to August 2018.   Here below is the AMG 2018 calendar for your reference.


8 June – 13 July 2018 Registration
27 July – 3 August 2018 Trial Round
10 – 17 August 2018 Semi-Final
25 August 2018* Final

* For the final round, the MAP and other AAMO Members will receive a tailor-made timetable for the competition.


The champion team in the final round will be awarded a free trip to Macau and join young managers from other AAMO countries for a study visit, tentatively to Hong Kong in November 2018.


If your young managers are interested, please ask them to register at the AMG website for FREE:


If you have any query about the game, please feel free to contact MMA’s Jordan Gan via


Thank you!






Chair, MAP International Relations Committee




Vice Chair, MAP International Relations Committee


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