Membership Nomination Guidelines/Forms


as of 4 December 2014



1.1      Generally, the prospective member must be a senior executive of an operating organization and must be involved in the management functions of the enterprise. Preferably, he/she must be among the top three executives of his organization.


1.2      The prospective member may be a close family member involved in managing the business as heir-apparent of the owner of an organization that falls under 1.1.


1.3      He/She may also be an academic responsible for training and developing general managers.


1.4     He/She may also be a Senior Partner or a Managing Partner of a law, audit or any other consulting / licensed professional firm.


1.5      He/She may be a government official with position of at least Undersecretary or head of a government agency/corporation.


1.6      He/She may come from a corporate foundation or a similar NGO with position of President or equivalent.


1.7      The company being managed by the prospective member must have at least 10 employees and total assets of at least P10 million.


1.8      Exceptions will be on case-to-case basis and subject to the approval of the incumbent MAP Board of Governors.




2.1      The number of members that may be admitted from a business enterprise is determined by the latter’s ranking in the SEC’s Top 1,000 corporations in terms of gross revenues as follows.


2.1.1      Within top 1,000 corporations – the top five levels of officers will be accepted.


2.1.2      Outside Top 1,000 corporations – the top three key officers can be accepted.


2.2      The 2nd member up to the 5th member from the same company will be free from paying the entrance fee of P10,000.



3.1      A prospective member must be endorsed by two MAP members in good standing through the prescribed Membership Nomination Form.


3.2      The following documents must be submitted to the MAP Secretariat with the accomplished Membership Nomination Form:


3.2.1      Comprehensive resume of nominee

3.2.2      Two (2) passport-size pictures of the nominee

3.2.3      Brief description of the nominee’s responsibilities

3.2.4      Latest audited financial statements of the nominee’s company


3.3      The Membership Committee approves the circulation of the nominee’s name to the general membership or rejects the nominee’s admission to MAP (without need for explanation).


3.4      The Membership Committee shall circulate to the membership the names of prospective members before endorsing them to the Board.


3.5      MAP members  are  given  at  least  two  days  to  raise  any  objection  in  writing  to  the nominee’s admission to MAP. If no objection is received, the Membership Committee formally recommends to the MAP Board the nominee’s admission to MAP. In the event that there are objections, the nominee-member’s application is re-submitted to the Membership Committee for further evaluation.


3.6      If formally approved by the Board, the Membership Committee informs in writing the nominee-member and his/her two sponsors of the approval of his membership nomination, and schedules the nominee for induction during the monthly general membership meeting. The nominee must pay all applicable fees and dues before his/her induction.


3.7      Once an induction schedule for the nominee is confirmed, the two sponsors will be informed of the details of the induction and requested/encouraged to attend/witness the induction of the nominee-member.


3.8      Upon approval of his/her membership nomination, a new member must attend his/her induction within six months; otherwise, his/her membership will be considered cancelled and his paid fees and dues forfeited in favor of MAP.