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  1. September 11, 2017


    1. Are you in favor of subsidizing the operational management of the government own corporations? The question can declaratively answered Yes / No.

    2. To privatize or to hire astute executives ,that we can get rid off of subsidy given to this government own corporations.Answerable by Y/No.

    3. To join the 4th race of industrialization means the Philippines should utilize fossilized /nuclear energy based (cheap but climate polluter),how will you reconciled it with current commitment of Philippines to COP21 ( Paris -Accord) for which the Philippines is obligatory to report in the Global Reporting Institute ( UN FCC) , its national determine contribution ( accounted carbon sequestered)?

    4.Are you in favor of implementing the Green Sustainable National Accounting method , the new mind set of measuring national economy which included natural resources (wealth ) -carbon footprints
    ,there by endangering the old ways of national accounting systems which focused more on manufactured goods ( gross domestic products) ? Answerable by Yes or No.

    5. To address the impoverished Philippines for energy it needs, are you in favor of extracting oil reserves (natural gas) in the Ben Ham rise? Answerable by Yes or No?

    6.Are you in favor of setting up Ben Ham National Trust Fund , considering that natural oil/gas can be depleted (limited years ) ? Answerable Yes/No?

    7. In the “+Ambisyon Natin 2040″, do the DBM consider the heritage restoration budget ?

    The pressing questions I was supposed to ask to sir Ernesto Pernia and sir Benjamin Diokno ,during the Economics Journalist Association of the Philippines Forum held at the newly renovated ” Department of Treasury”. Now would be the best time to ask the two best economic managers of President Duterte,about the said agenda.

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