PMA – A wise investment for CSR


Jaime S. de los Santos

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) has become a major part of the business agenda to insure the productive life of an enterprise. It measures the sensitivity to social responsiveness and provides a venue to showcase a different side of the organization. According to Patrick Maclagan, Ph. D., social responsiveness is the extent to which an organization is responsive to its perceived social obligations. Various corporate institutions practice CSR through projects that alleviate, enhance, and improve social conditions, in such areas as poverty alleviation, education and training, etc. This influence is translated into the realization of substantial profit and expansion of its market base that guarantees and extends the productive life of business. It should exercise this power to share in improving society. It has an obligation to manifest social responsiveness. Business by the magnitude of its financial resources begets political power. Very few have been involved directly in supporting military and police operational capabilities. Normal support has involved financial assistance to surviving dependents of soldiers and policemen killed or wounded in action. Mr. Enrique “Ricky” K. Razon, Jr., while his interests are not directly engaged in the defense industry, firmly believes that a healthy business environment must depend on the military and police establishments.

March 26 - JSDLS_Corporate social responsibility RAZON

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